Lesbian Fanatic Hazel Platzer Bullied Medical Researcher Out of His Job

We all have a right to know the truth about AIDS, right? Well, not in the view of extremist LGBT activists.

Hazel Platzer who attacked Barry Napier

This is the nasty face of lesbian militant Hazel Platzer. She is so obsessed with what she calls “gay rights” that she has no time for honesty, freedom or even science. When someone’s views collide with her mania for LGBT supremacy, she goes on the attack on all fronts.

In 2005, a professional medical researcher in UK published the results of his research revealing that there are serious health risks in homosexual behaviour, and that the government was covering up the true extent of the risks of AIDS and the danger to the general population. Platzer responded by sending a hysterical letter to the Nursing Times denouncing the medical researcher for …yes, you’ve guessed “homophobia”. 

She could not actually fault his research in any respect. She could not argue with his facts, his scientific methods or his credentials, so she just screeched non-stop that he was “homophobic” and kept repeating the accusation that “homophobia harms patients”   – which is of course completely untrue. There is no such thing as homophobia, and a healthy repugnance for homosexuality does you a lot of good!

Platzer and her LGBT thug friends rang up the newspapers and demanded that the researcher be denounced for his honesty. Then they bombarded the hospital where the research had taken place with complaints. They said they were powerful enough to get its local authority funding cut off.  The result was that the researcher was sacked, and disgraced.  All sorts of lies were made up about him.  

He was bombarded with abusive messages and death threats some saying “We know where you live”. The police simply took no steps to help him. They had all been briefed that he was a “homophobe” therefore had no rights to protection.

When he took another job at a lower grade, he was stalked and pursued vengefully by more homosexuals. who complained that they did not want to work with him. So he was sacked again. He fell into debt and almost lost his house. His wife and children suffered terribly.  

It is sometimes said that truth is the first casualty of war. Well. truth is the first casualty of homosexual fanaticism.

YBG says: We award Hazel Platzer the title of Vicious Gay Bully and warn everybody to be on their guard against her.




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