The Ordeal of Lisa Miller and the Heroism of Rev Kenneth Miller

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller is finally free, after two years in prison.  Thank God. 

This Christian pastor was imprisoned in America for helping a distressed mother and daughter, Lisa and Isabella Miller.  


Lisa and her daughter were victims of the LGBT movement and the mad laws on same-sex “marriage”.

1968 Born in 1968, in the state of Virginia USA,  Lisa Miller suffered an extremely troubled childhood.  Her father abandoned the family when she was only seven and her mother was a suicidal drug addict. This led Lisa into teenage alcohol and drug-dependency, a doomed marriage and subsequent divorce when she was 26 in 1994.

1994  Whilst undergoing treatment against suicide and drug addiction and guided by psychologist and professionals – as part of an “innovative therapy treatment plan” – Lisa was encouraged to experiment with lesbianism as an alternative life style. In 1997, she found her mother, dead already for two weeks in her flat without anyone knowing. In this fragile state of mind, at the age of 29, she was teamed up with an older, equally troubled lesbian, Janet Jenkins, who like Lisa, was undergoing treatment for alcoholism.  She had travelled 500 miles south from the state of Vermont. 

They formed an unstable  relationship which, for Lisa, was rarely sexually intimate.  This upset Janet, who not being able to satiate her sexual appetite, became  abusive  and physically violent.  But for Lisa, who was used to abuse whilst growing up, this was a perverted form of continuity. Lisa thought it was normal and found some kind of security in being dominated by a control freak.

 2000 Virginia had legislation specifically denying the validity of homosexual “marriages” and civil unions  contracted in other states, thus the two of them had to travel 500 miles north, back to Janet’s home state, for a weekend trip, where they formed a civil partnership, on December 19th 2000.

They then returned to Virginia, where Lisa, through an anonymous donor No. 2309, conceived in 2001 and bore a daughter, Isabella on April 16, 2002. When Isabella was four months old, all three of them moved north, back to Vermont where, for twelve months Lisa endured increasing domestic violence from Janet.

2003 When Isabella was 17 months old,  Lisa  decided to leave Janet  and return to Virginia in September 2003. She begged Jenkins to file adoption papers, because just in case something happened to her she didn’t want Isabella to end up as a ward of the state. Jenkins refused. 

Eventually, Lisa Miller realized the emptiness of her lesbian lifestyle, and her mother’s instinct alerted her to the danger that lifestyle posed for her young daughter. She chose to leave lesbianism, repented and began a new life in Jesus Christ. She obtained a dissolution of the civil partnership, something which Janet fought fiercely. But Lisa was determined to break all ties with the LGBT world and bring her daughter up as a Christian.

Up till then Janet Jenkins had shown no interest in Isabella, but now she filed papers in Vermont in 2003 to try to take Isabella from her mother. This was extraordinary as she was neither an adoptive parent, nor biologically related. In spite of repeated court orders and fines granting Janet Jenkins  regular visitation with Isabella, Lisa managed to stop Janet from seeing Isabella for the next two to three years.

2007 In 2007, when Isabella was 5 years of age, the Vermont courts prevailed over those of Virginia and she was ordered to travel, with increased frequency, the long distance north, and to stay with Janet and her new lesbian partner, on one occasion for five weeks in the summer.

The court verdict was irrational, calling someone a parent who was not a parent and turning a child over to a person who lived contrary to the Christian values of the rightful mother. If Lisa had been a Muslim, there is no way Vermont courts would have dared to even dream of such a proposition.

When Isabella stayed with Jenkins and her lesbian partner, they imposed their LGBT ideas on her. Janet forced Isabella to call her “momma”.  She also told her how she was conceived and read to her the book, “Heather Has Two Mommies“,  “so she’d know what to say when others asked about her parents”. This radically changed Isabella who would return home, highly disturbed and openly masturbating (something which she has never done before).  Isabella was required to bathe naked with Jenkins, and she even spoke of killing herself after the visit.  On her return home, Lisa had to access professional counselling for her little daughter.

2008  Lisa defied the courts by terminating all contact between Jenkins and Isabella. Jenkins and the court of Vermont threatened Lisa with hefty fines and jail, if she would not comply.  Janet Jenkins over the next two years applied to take complete custody of the child, arguing that because Lisa was a Christian she was not a fit person to be a parent. This kind of twisted thinking  is alarmingly manifesting itself more and more in the Western nations that have rejected God.  

Janet and  the courts chose perversely not to believe that Lisa had become straight. [ Indeed a law  is already operating in California, making it a criminal offence to encourage or help anyone to move out of homosexuality or transsexuality.]

2009 The Courts decreed that Janet Jenkins was the rightful “parent” and demanded Lisa hand her over completely.


Pastor Kenneth Miller: jailed for two years, threatened, branded a criminal for helping a mother escape from the violent bullying partner who wanted to steal her child.

Inexplicably the court of Virginia, which in 2009, defined marriage  as existing only between a man and woman, crumbled to the bullying of Vermont’s militant LGBT courts and ordered Lisa to hand over her daughter to Janet; even though same sex marriage was not forced through the American Supreme Court, until six years later, in 2015.

2010  The handing over of Isabella to Janet was supposed to have taken place 1st of January 2010, when Isabella would have been scarcely eight and her mother 42. But Lisa fled the  country. Both left the US in the Autumn of 2009 and sought  refuge with a Mennonite community in Nicaragua, after Lisa had contacted a Mennonite pastor, Kenneth Miller (no relation to Lisa), who  along with two other Mennonites (Time Miller [no relation to either Ken or Lisa] and Philip Zodhiate),  facilitated their flight to freedom.  In late 2009 Kenneth Miller drove them to the Canadian border. He was convicted of “aiding an international kidnapping” in 2012.

Even now, the FBI and Interpol are attempting to track them down with the intention  of bringing Lisa back to the US and send her to prison, possibly for life, and handing Isabella who is now nearly 16 over to Janet Jenkins and the LGBT community, who against all the evidence, claim that Isabella is Jenkins; daughter. Her claims and that of the media are typical of the lies and  delusions  of the gay psyche.  Janet Jenkins’ weird statement outside the court can be heard on this video:

2016  In addition to conspiring to destroy Lisa and Isabella, and putting Ken Miller put behind bars for 27 months, Janet Jenkins, backed by powerful queer Human Rights lawyers, is determined to ruin Ken and his wife financially with huge legal bills.  There is no limit to the vengefulness and malice of homosexuals.

Kenneth Miller was threatened with a much longer prison sentence if the did not testify against his fellow Mennonite Brothers

But now Kenneth Miller is back home and this is the latest update on what happened to the other Mennonites who were involved helping in Lisa and Isabella escape,  Timothy Miller and Phillip Zodhiates.

Please pray for these martyrs as they are not safe yet, as long as the Gaystapo continue to exist. 

The weapon of terror being used by our governments against their own people is the threat of having one’s children taken away. Sir James Munby (President of the Family Division) remarked: ‘Only the death penalty is more drastic than removing a child from its parents forever’.

Please continue to pray, especially for Lisa and her daughter as there seems to be no news of their whereabouts since 2010.

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  1. nickyab says:

    Praying for them in the mighty name of Jesus-Christ .


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