Crazy Lesbian assaults ex-girlfriend

Homosexuals are always whinging that they get “gay-bashed” but they are more likely to be beating up each other  – or heterosexuals.

Sandra Talbot, 32, a lesbian living in Dublin, Ireland, was not overjoyed when she ran into her ex-girlfriend Adrienne Martin at a gay pub on Hallowe’en night 2008.

After a three-year on-off relationship, the two had parted acrimoniously and had been sniping continually on the internet and in public. Adrienne knew she would meet Sandra at the Dublin Gay Pride March, so she had a special T-shirt made for the occasion bearing the words  “Who’s sorry now?”

On Halloween night 2008 the two met accidentally at the George pub, in George Street Dublin. Sandra Talbot was dressed in an inflatable Sumo wrestler costume and Adrienne did not at first recognize her. Sandra greeted her warmly with the words “Keep smiling, cunt,” and accused Adrienne of ruining her life. Adrienne made it clear that she did not want to talk to Sandra, but she could not get away in the crowded room. When Adrienne waved at a man dressed in a Snickers bar costume, Sandra thought she was flirting, got into a rage and grabbed her arm. Then she started berating her for “ruining her life”. She even said hurtful things about  Adrienne’s dead sister and although friends tried to separate them she attacked Adrienne with a beer bottle.

The latter was left with a large bump on her forehead and told the court that she was shocked and nervous about going out since the incident. Talbot, who is a tatto artist, was convicted of common assault and fined 400 euros.

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Posted on November 25, 2012 by clairethinker

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