Dharun Ravi was a Victim of Gay Bullying

Dharun Ravi, a freshman student at Rutgers University, was jailed in 2012 for spying on his roommate Tyler Clementi.

Dharun Ravi, right, leaving the Middlesex County jail on Tuesday with his lawyer Steven D. Altman. Mr. Ravi served 20 days.

The 18-year-old Clementi was inviting older men, from outside the student community, to sleep in his bed and perform homosexual acts … in a shared room. He had no consideration at all for the  feelings of disgust and repugnance that his roommate naturally had to such an invasion of privacy.

This is typical of the way that militant homosexuals think they can impose their lifestyle on every other member of society. Dharun reacted by installing a webcam in the room to provide evidence of what was going on. He also foolishly invited his friends to view the film… which was certainly wrong and illegal.

When Tyler discovered this, he overreacted so far as to commit suicide. He behaved in a typically unstable, mentally unbalanced way and the LGBT community seized on Ravi as an example of “homophobia” and bullying. Note that all the older men who had callously buggered Tyler Clementi offered him no love, no support, no care when he was distressed. He had no relationship, no one to go to when he had problems. Queerdom is not about love  – it is about vice and twisted lust.

VGB says  – WRONG. Tyler Clementi should never have imposed his deviant behaviour on a roommate like that. True he found it disturbing to be filmed, but to a normal person, it is both disturbing and disgusting to have queer behaviour going on in your own bedroom. By the age of 18, Tyler Clementi was already well advanced in the queer lifestyle and was habitually cruising websites for casual partners to engage in abnormal behaviour. He had no right to inflict that behaviour on other people.

By committing suicide, Tyler did not prove that what he had done was right. It was a sad death and a sad life, but it was not moral behaviour. The LGBT movement is confused and contradictory. One minute they say “It’s none of your business who other people have sex with” (using that crude ugly term that equate sodomy with sex). The next minute they are imposing their behaviour on everybody by dragging it into our homes, our schools, our streets, our public places and even our churches. They demand public funding for their vices and their gross parades, then say it is “none of our business”.  If it’s none of our business, THEN KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

We are happy to say that Dharun got a lot of public support, and there is even a Facebook page set up to support him.


In fact two years after the event there is now a likelihood that Dharun’s conviction will  be overturned.  Good! This boy should not have a criminal record just because he objected to perversion.

YGB says: Yes, go back into the closet, because we don’t want to know about your perversions. And we certainly should not be paying for them.



Posted on November 9, 2013 by clairethinker

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