Tatchell’s Noisy Homo-Fanatics Disrupt London concert

A concert given by the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Hall in central London was shamefully disrupted last week by homo-fanatics. The concert was supposed to be the first in a prestigious Berlioz season but the queers wanted to hi-jack it and create an embarrassing confrontation with the distinguished Russian conductor Valery Gergiev.

 The notorious thug Peter Tatchell, who calls himself a gay-rights activist (or even a human rights campaigner) forced his way onto the concert platform, with a gang of henchmen waving LGBT banners, and addressed the audience. They made angry and stupid accusations about the elected leader of Russia being a “tyrant” just because the Russian parliament has outlawed the promotion of homosexuality to under-18s. After a few minutes, the Barbican security ushered them off stage and the concert proceeded, but the queers have so far not faced any criminal charges.

That is disgraceful.

Tatchell has often resorted to anti-social behaviour for his cause. His previous stunts include storming into Westminster Abbey on Easter Sunday to disrupt the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon by shouting slogans. On another occasion he physically attacked a visiting Head of State and was surprised to be beaten up by professional bodyguards.

Valery Gergiev has said publicly that he supports President Putin and the wise laws that will protect young people from vice and disease. Homosexuality between consenting adults is legal in Russia but Tatchell and his fanatical followers want to impose it on everyone.

VGB says: why are these homo-fanatic hooligans not sent to jail? 

And why is Peter Tatchell, who is not British born, even allowed to remain in this country? Tatchell is an extremist who once once stood for Parliament unsuccessfully. Since then he has never stopped using thug tactics to get his strident voice heard.



Posted on November 13, 2013 by clairethinker

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