Homosexuals Rush to Divorce Each Other

As soon as same-sex marriage was legalized all over the USA, there was a huge rush …of same-sex couples going to court to get divorced.

gay divorce

You think this makes a mockery of marriage? We agree. The divorce rate among same-sex couples is already 61% and the average length of time the “marriage” has lasted is only 18 months. Among heterosexuals it is more like 15 years. 

The same pattern can be seen in France, England and wherever the law has been twisted to allow same-sex “marriage”.  Lawyers are worked off their feet dealing with break-ups, mutual recriminations and squabbles about property and children. The children mixed up in this are the sad bit.

The truth is that same-sex couples are rarely monogamous even when they live together. That is why SSM does not recognize adultery. The instinct for monogamy is closely bound up with heterosexual mating and parenting. SSM is just an excuse for a lavish party and an extravagant “honeymoon”. After that…promiscuity or relationship breakdown.

Brandon Mill, who owns a famous “THEGAAYBAR” in San Francisco said:

Couples realized their marriages were unlikely to be annulled by another law banning gaymarriage, that they were probably stuck with each other for the rest of their lives, and thats pretty scary!!!

Heteros*xual couples are likely to fare worse out of gaymarriage equality, with many commenting ‘Now all our GayFriends are asking for wedding and marriage tips, its so dull…

Divorce rate is going skyrocket, ‘Well if everyone can do it, its not really special anymore’.



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