Garry Burns is a Loser

Garry Burns, the infamous LGBT litigant in Australia, who has persecuted a series of innocent people using so-called “anti-discrimination laws” is now reportedly bankrupt. He has lost big time as the judgements of the Australian courts have gradually swung away from his little clique of LGBT extremists and at last started to defend the rights of the majority of good, decent normal people.

Gary Burns (@garyburnsblog) | Twitter
Garry Burns gloating over how he successfully bullied conservatives.

It was Garry Burns who brought spurious, aggressive and vexatious law cases against a series of Conservatives in an attempt to silence all criticism of the ever-expanding “gay rights” agenda. He and his likes are determined to force their demands on others without scrutiny, opposition or debate.

Garry Burns prosecuted Bernard Gaynor and landed him with a bill for $1 million in fines for supposedly breaching court orders. All he had done was the crime of blogging while Conservative. Gaynor had already been fired from his job in the army merely for pointing out that the LGBTs themselves were in breach of official regulations.

Burns also brought cases against Tess Corbett and John Sunol, determined to silence and punish anyone who wouldn’t crawl to his ideology. He even tried to drive Gaynor’s solicitor out of the New South Wales Law Society. But then the tide turned and Bernard Gaynor brought a case in the highest court that the so-called Anti-Discrimination laws were in themselves unconstitutional, because they infringed the rights of other citizens to practice their own religion and to engage in the democratic system.

Gaynor won, and Garry Burns’ loyal ally, Magistrate Nancy Henessy, was found to be acting illegally as she had met him privately on several occasions. She has been recused from the Anti-Discrimination tribunal where she kept churning out favorable judgements for him. Burns has been found guilty of making statements that ‘were untrue and without foundation’, statements that were ‘malicious, insulting and offensive’ and he is facing massive legal costs that are going to bankrupt him.

Well, how sorry we really aren’t. Because for years and years Burns and his ilk have been spitefully determined to bankrupt everybody who spoke out against his nasty, sick degenerate lifestyle being forced on the whole of society. We congratulate Gaynor and all the other brave people in Australia who stood up against this wave of vicious gay bullying, and did so often at massive cost to themselves and their families. We salute you as heroes!

NOVEMBER 22 2019 – 10:30AM

Activist slapped with $80k costs after failed court bid against former Wannon political candidate Tess Corbet

Latest News

Sydney anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.

 Sydney anti-free speech campaigner Garry Burns.

An anti-discrimination campaigner is facing crippling legal bills after a failed court bid against a former Wannon political candidate.

Tess Corbett, a Lake Bolac grandmother and the then Katter’s Australia Party candidate for the seat of Wannon, publicly said in 2013 that she did not want “gays, lesbians or pedophiles working in my kindergarten”.

“Pedophiles will be next in line to be recognised in the same way as gays and lesbians, and get rights,” she said.

Ms Corbett’s comments to the Hamilton Spectator during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country [ maybe from a few LGBT nutcases or those who are ignorant of the strong links between homosexuality and pederasty] sparking legal action from Sydney anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.[ i.e. he saw a chance for litigation and personal financial gain].

Mr Burns filed a complaint with the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act Board (ADB ) alleging the comments comparing gays to pedophiles breached the anti-vilification provisions of the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act.

Ms Corbett was found guilty of vilifying homosexuals at a hearing at the former NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal in October 2013 and she was ordered to apologise in writing to Mr Burns and publish an apology to the gay community in the Sydney Morning Herald.

But she didn’t comply and Mr Burns unsuccessfully started proceedings in the NSW Supreme Courts, to get Ms Corbett to comply with the orders.

Another unsuccessful appeal heard in the High Court left Mr Burns in $81,644.70 debt after he was ordered to pay the respondents’ costs.

In October 2019, he received a notice to pay the debt within seven days. He couldn’t.

Tess Corbett's comments during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country, sparking legal action from anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.
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2 Responses to Garry Burns is a Loser

  1. Editoralteam says:

    I seem to recall the time this guy tried bullying me. It’s something the little creep is good at…or at least, was. LOL


  2. James says:

    Many cannot have just and reasonable hearings owing to poverty. I had to handover valuable land to a crook because I could not afford a minimum of $50K in supreme court and a risk of losing…as is always a risk, no matter how just ones cause. I had also spent $38,000 repairing the property still in my name I found over 30 years later…A neighbour demanded I fix may problems and fence the property…which finding it still in my name, I did. 30 years before he to my shoock claimed he had signed my land over to himself and sold it…That swine…a brother loaded with money…raved he would claim costs…Was it worth-while at the Supreme court to go up against consciencless liar holding plenty of cash in on a ‘could go either way’ case in land in which he had no pid up interest
    but had secretly transferred my address to his own and paid the rates. ‘Adverse possession’ is a crime in my view…has no longer any reason to exist..

    The point?…Burns is presented in your comments as ‘unable to pay’…I was also unable to pay and so did not kid a legal team that I could do so, The fact is that having deliberately driven Gaynor into losing house and assets and into debt Burns continued to use the ‘gay hysteria’ the government is supporting. Burns refused to pay his debts yet the court keeps hearing his accusations…driving
    Gaynor deeper and deeper into debt…owed huge sums by Burns. To present Burns as an object of pity ‘unable to pay’…it is Burns who initiated the need for Gaynor to defend in intends tohound Gaynor into bankruptcy and I suggest, possibly suicide…all over his obsession with a comment/assertin made by Gaynor years ago. Absurd and diiscusting


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