Homosexual Christopher Burrous dies from Butt Drugs – Love Wins???

So the “gay” lifestyle is safe, glamorous and trendy? Engaged in by young, good-looking swingers you see all the time on TV and media websites? NO  – that’s a lie. The “gay” lifestyle is sordid, twisted and lethal. Last December a well-known LA news anchor, Christopher Burrous, died while engaging in deviant homosexual acts with another man in a hotel room. 

The details are hideous, But then, homosexuality is hideous.

Chris Burrous


Crystal meth likeness on a black background

We would like to warn readers that this story has a number of details some may find disturbing. KTLA anchor Chirs Burrous died from an overdose of crystal meth that was inserted into a bodily orifice.

The Blast reports:

According to the L.A. County Medical Examiner, Burrous died from methamphetamine toxicity after being found unresponsive in a Glendale motel on December 28. The manner of death is listed as accidental.

According to the death investigation, officials say Burrous worked his shift at KTLA, and then left early for the day complaining he felt ill.

Instead of going home, he set up a meeting with a man at a motel in Glendale for an afternoon of hardcore sex. The two allegedly met on Grindr and had hooked up multiple times in the past.

When the companion arrived, Burrous allegedly answered the door fully nude, and had set up the room with “DJ style” lighting, Sado-masochistic gadgets, lubrication jelly and a massage bench. The two men allegedly engaged in various forms of sexual activities, including anal and oral sex.

The outlet adds that the 43-year-old news man inserted a pair of crystal meth rocks into his anus and engaged in rough sex acts with his date. Burrous used a number of drugs according to the outlet’s reporting. These included “poppers” (amyl nitrate) and two rocks of crystal meth inserted into his rectum.

He died of  methamphetamine overdose. [Or maybe we should say he died of stupidity]

Burrous leaves behind a wife and one daughter. 

We hope they sue Grindr and the other man involved for huge damages.


Eater, Bargain Seeker, KTLA 5 News Anchor, Husband, Dad

Los Angeles, CA • ktla.com/burrous




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3 Responses to Homosexual Christopher Burrous dies from Butt Drugs – Love Wins???

  1. Tony Conrad says:

    It is sordid when you think about it. Gay marriage is a myth as partners think nothing of having sex with others as well. The real marriage bond and comittment is just not there. Glamourisation is mostly a deception. The real story is of aids, suicides and molestation of children. I know that because I was molested by a gay when I was 12 yrs. He was supposed to be our housefather in a children’s home. This went on for over a year with cameras and spotlights in his room. I was vulnerable as an orphan. Thank goodness he didn’t sodomise me and that he was caught just in time through other children he molested. Great appointment as a housefather to children.


    • EditorialTeam says:

      Thank you for telling us about this. Sorry to hear what happened to you, you are right to make it known so that the truth can come out.


    • EditorialTeam says:

      Sad to hear about what happened to you but you are doing the right thing in making it public. We need to know the unvarnished truth about these people.


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